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A premium whiskey chiller bullet set made from solid stainless steel. Chill Shots are made to recreate actual ammunition. Use these premium whiskey bullet chillers to help keep your drink neat and chilled. No more watered down drinks. A unique barware accessory for enthusiast, collectors, or someone who likes there drink too have a bit more POW! Made to close tolerance specifications of actual ammunition. 6 bullets are included in each set of small Chill Shots.

Small Chill Shots

  • Six whiskey bullets to a small set.

    Made from solid stainless steel.

    Made in high tolerance to replicate real ammunition we all know and use.

    Made local in Montana. Made in the USA! 

    To clean Chill Shots rinse in hot water, dry, and freeze.

    *WARNING- This is a small part made from solid stainless steel. It may present a choking hazard or hazard to teeth if not used with awareness and caution.
    *WARNING- This product is not designed for use in a real firearm. Use in a real firearm could cause damage to the firearm.

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