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New Products

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first blog post. I just wanted to update everyone on where the business is currently at and headed. So here we go... First, we are currently working on finding a local machine shop that is better equipped to produce Chill Shots on a large scale than me. My CNC equipment is better suited to one off, custom, or prototype production. To make Chill Shots in the quantity being demanded was unsustainable. Now, I know it's taking me a while to find a good shop to produce Chill Shots. This is in part because of my coaching obligations throughout the year. It takes alot of time to create good teams and both our 2nd place trophies in football and wrestling show the results of the time I spent with the teams. Point being, I have obligations outside of Chill Shots but I am still plugging away to get them available again. Second, Atomic Shots are here to stay and to be expanded upon. It is more of a creative outlet for me and I enjoy it. I might come out with some new glowing epoxy designs in the future too. Third, the lever action breakdown kits are going to disappear but they are further down the rung than Chill Shots. I think they are a great product and great idea. The kits were the idea and creation of my father who was quite passionate about them. I intend to continue with the product after I further gain an appreciation for the lever action. I'm currently packing around his lever action with the prototype kit on it to gain an better understanding of the setup. The Montana wilderness and experience are the best educators I know.

Finally, I am always working on new projects much to the dismay of old projects. Over the years I have been asked what gear I use, why I use it, and what not. In the past I had another business and recommended tactical gear which we carried. Over time that business basically became a "prepper/zombie" business. It's cool for some folks but I'll be honest, I'm not into that mindset. I like being prepared for a twisted ankle not nuclear fallout. I'm not saying it couldn't happen but everyone has their comfortable limits in life. My new project and products will be heading towards practical items that I use regularly in the field. Items like regular hiking packs, shelters, first aid, and clothing. I would like to get away from Molle and Camo. Grandpa didn't need it and did just fine. I think it is a bit much for regular use and even hunting. So as I start to gather distributors and build the packages expect to see a new bit added to my web-store. I will probably start posting more on my thoughts of field craft to accompany what equipment I use and why. Thanks all! See you over the mountian.

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