Chill Shots

Welcome to the home of Chill Shots! The realistic beverage chilling bullet. We offer solid stainless steel beverage chillers in commonly available firearm cartridges. Now you can enjoy your favorite cold beverage without having the flavor watered down with melted ice. All while still packing your favorite ammo of choice!

Our product is easy to use. Once you receive your Chill Shots set, simply wash them in hot water with mild dish soap, rinse thoroughly, dry, and then place in the freezer. When the time comes to enjoy your cold drink simply add the frozen Chill Shots to your glass. Add more or less depending on your preference. When done simply rinse, dry, and freeze again.
While our selection is small right now don't be shy to request a caliber not seen. If it is a common SAAMI supported caliber we will add it to our development list. Just shoot us a message from our websites contact form. If you would like us to manufacture you a Chill Shot in a custom caliber there will be a $60 development fee added to whichever size designation we assign. Tel: 1-800-DOUGHTY


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