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Chill Shots!


Chill Shot whiskey chillers in 45 ACP, 30-30 Winchester, and 300 RUM accompanied by Sudden Wisdom Rye Whiskey

Welcome to the home of Chill Shots, the best and original Montana whiskey bullet! The realistic beverage chilling bullet. We offer solid stainless steel beverage chillers in commonly available firearm cartridges. Now you can enjoy your favorite cold beverage without having the flavor watered down with melted ice. All while still packing your favorite ammo of choice! A great sportsman gift. Chill Shots are manufactured within high tolerance to actual ammunition that you know and use, not gimmick cartoon imitations. 


Our product is easy to use. Once you receive your Chill Shots set just wash them in hot water with mild dish soap, rinse thoroughly, dry, and then place in the freezer. When the time comes to enjoy your cold drink, simply add the frozen Chill Shots to your glass. Add more or less depending on your preference. When done you only need to rinse, dry, and freeze again.



Our current development list is as follows:

In development: 

44 Magnum

Awaiting development:

308 Win


357 Mag

41 Mag


44 Mag

40 S&W

223 Rem

300 Blackout



*Please note the development list is in a general order and subject to change.

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