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Atomic Shots!


Jewelry with attitude! Atomic Shots are the original trend setter for the individual who likes to accessorize with realistic ammunition choices. 


Our product is made using real ammunition brass seated with a glow-in-the-dark resin bullet. The bullet is cast using actual SAAMI specs so as to ensure it's authenticity. Admittedly there are not to many rounds that actually glow in the dark but that's why you're wearing our jewelry, not shooting it. 


While our selection is small right now don't be shy to request a caliber not seen. If it is a common SAAMI supported caliber we will add it to our development list. Just shoot us a message from our websites contact form.  If you would like us to manufacture you an Atomic Shot in a custom caliber there will be a $60 development fee added.

Our current development list is as follows:

In development: 

300 Black

Awaiting development:

308 Winchester

45 ACP

30/30 Winchester


*Please note the development list is in a general order and subject to change.

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